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Oct Event description. Read more Read less. While Tilly was poking and prodding the Swedes, he received intelligence that a German unit within the Swedish ranks would mutiny. Tilly, understandably suspicious of the information, decided that it was something he could not ignore.

Therefore, Tilly gave the order to launch a full-scale assault on the Swedish entrenchments.

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This would be a grave mistake. As the imperial forces advanced, they came under a well-organized concentration of artillery and musket fire. The imperial forces began to drop quickly. Sensing that any further advancement would do them no good, they retreated, but as they did so, the Swedish cavalry fell on them. Six thousand imperial forces lay dead on the field of battle, while the remaining wounded and untouched scattered.

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After Werben, Tilly had received orders from the emperor to invade Saxony and force Elector John George to pledge his allegiance to the emperor and disband his army. John George did not answer Tilly but stalled to see what terms Gustav could offer. John George gave Tilly a negative answer but by that time Tilly's forces had swelled to 36, troops who need supplies.

Sensing that John George was not going to join the imperial forces, Tilly decided to move his forces into Saxony where he besieged, plundered, and raped the countryside for supplies. By September 8, , Tilly was quickly approaching Leipzig where he positioned his forces on the level terrain of Breitenfield, north of Leipzig. On the September 11, , Gustav and John George came to a treaty in which Saxony would place its forces under the command of Gustav, along with one month's pay, food, shelter. Most importantly, Saxony would make no peace with the empire.

His most current publication is Read More. Ancient Origins has been quoted by:. By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. We seek to retell the story of our beginnings.

He forgets to shave or to kiss his daughter goodbye in the morning, to itemize bills, and get the Goodyear flyers down to Costa Mesa on time.

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One night, he experiences life during the Pleistocene, a geological period that ended ten thousand years ago. He saw them as an obstacle to enlightenment, a regrettable and hideous devolution into savagery, the mind dragged once again through the muddy ontology of its simian-faced ancestors.

Larry, leading a hungry pack over the icy tundra, travels further than Nietzsche imagined, to an epoch when wolves purportedly hunted alongside human beings.

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The blood spilled suggests that the wall we build to keep the dream away from the day is a porous one. How we think. How we be. I support the Sandinistas, and the leftist guerilla forces in Chad. Intent on wealth and a Daisy, little Jimmy Gatz rose each dawn for his own curriculum of self-improvement, one part exercise, four parts study of electricity. We can always be anywhere else in the universe besides California, and still be here too.

The dialectic. Okay, Phillip is a vulgar Hegelian. But strip away the jargon have you tried to read Hegel lately? Are they hallucinations? Phillip may be a delusional, psychotic Oedipus. The History of Luminous Motion , apropos of its title, begins lyrically and on the run, in an aged Rambler carrying Phillip and his mother up and down California. A Sophoclean Humbert and Lo, they need only each other on the road.

When low on cash or fuel, they pull over to the nearest gasoline-motel oasis, the one-Travelodge towns like King City that line Highway The Rambler comes to an abrupt halt in San Luis Obispo Bradfield lived there as a child after mom meets Pedro, a dopey ex-ballplayer. I was determined none of these strangers would know me. I just dug the hole and filled it in during a period of especially bad derangement.

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  • Meursault on death row had only to contend with a sniveling priest to keep salvation at bay. Lah, who believes the worst kind of man is the one who wants to save you, suffers a team of doctors intending, if not to rehabilitate her, at least to learn from her pathology. Alexander, the most unscrupulous clinician, rejects therapeutic resolution. Forty cents?